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The Stories behind our Chapters

Posted by Charlotte Nutland on
The Stories behind our Chapters


Each of our Chapter blends has a unique story behind it. A personal experience, a story, a mood or a feeling that encouraged us to create the blends that we use and love today. We haven’t developed any of these blends to ‘smell’ a certain way. Each oil has been carefully chosen to create a blend that supports a Chapter of your day.

Chapter Organics entire philosophy is about integrating Aromatherapy into the usual, everyday things you already to enable you to take better care of yourself. To calm a runaway mind, to rebalance and reconnect and to provide comfort and grounding.

Lets find out a little about the stories and experiences that have shaped our blends:

The Remedy

This was the first blend I ever created for myself in 2016. I need a blend that could help ease a range of issues from feeling disconnected, unbalanced, sluggish and demotivated. I wanted to create a blend that helped me feel awakened and invigorated.

Working with lively oils such as Peppermint and Eucalyptus and adding in supportive Lavender and cleansing Tea Tree. This is a blend I turn too most days to clean, refresh and lighten my space.

The candle is working for popping on when you’re in the Kitchen, the Mist to purify and clean the air before guests pop over and the purest blend I adore when we’re all feeling congested or run down. Its full of antibacterial and antiviral oils and eucalyptus helped clear blocked airways.

The Tonic

This blend had to be about escaping the everyday. A blend that instantly took you to another place more exotic, tropical. I blended this in the winter of 2017 and I remember I felt cold, run down, abit down in the dumps, flat and uninspired. I wanted a blend to take me instantly to Indonesia or Thailand. Reminiscent of the incredible holidays you have when you’re young and the ones your longing for and planning again soon. A blend that helped shift thinking to being more positive, optimistic, uplifted and generous.

This incredibly warming and citrus blend does just that. With interesting notes of Lemongrass, Lemon Verbena, Patchouli, Ginger and Orange. I love using The All over Hand and Body Cleanser in the morning shower to banish any pesky morning thoughts.

The candle is incredible on darker Autumnal days to have on during the day when you’re reading or working to help bring happy, joyful vibes to your desk space.

The Peace

You know when you just need some comfort, a long bath and the best nights sleep? This is The Peace. Designed after having my eldest son when I felt out of sorts and wasn’t sleeping well. I wanted a restful, calming, soothing and nuturing blend to turn too to help.

This is the most supportive blend for when you’re not sleeping well or are feeling stressed out. With all the soothing oils of Lavender, Rose Geranium, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang and Bergamot.

I love misting The Peace into my bedroom 30 minutes before sleep and over my bedding. I also am such a huge fan of our Organic Moisturiser. I use it everyday and the scent just lasts and lasts so I can keep taking big breaths in and it helps me to feel calm and connected.

The Quiet

Designed a few years after we launched our Business. This is the one for you if you have a runaway mind, are always ‘on’ have anxious thoughts, feel burnt out and frazzled.

Inspired by so many of customer conversations about overthinking and trouble with switching brains off. This blend is the ultimate in bringing you back to you!

With frankincense, Bergamot, Rosemary, Clove and Rose Geranium.

Its warm, spicy and ultra comforting. The Quiet candle is one of our favourites to have on in the studio whilst we work to help focus and bring clarity of thoughts.

Our brand new blend The Self

Launching September

Our incredibly beautiful new blend has been totally inspired by you, our incredibly honest and open customers. The beauty of the conversations we have at The Studio over the past 2 years is the inspiration behind The Self. A blend to help you align your hopes, dreams and manifestations. A blend to bring you self confidence, determination, encouragement. A blend to help you say what you want. A blend to help you speak up. A blend to help you feel back in control and worthy.

With Cedarwood, Neroli, Mandarin and Black Pepper. Its woody, earthy and bright.

Launching first in our brand new Rollerballs. We use this blend on days when we just want to be feel more like ourselves. The Self.

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