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Our Purpose

Modern Aromatherapy Essentials for your everyday.

We blend modern aromatherapy essentials for your everyday. We know you don’t have much time to specifically dedicate to self care. Our aromatherapy blends have been created to be part of your everyday rituals and routines. A Hand and Body Cleanser to energise your morning shower, a Sleepy Pillow Mist, a candle to help you focus at work.

With their mood boosting, sleep inducing, confidence inspiring capabilities our blends enhance your mood and wellbeing during everyday moments.

Our modern aromatherapy essentials are based on traditional ancient blends and have been redesigned for our busy, modern lives. Based on real life experiences we’ve created a blend to turn to when you’re feeling worried, lacking in motivation, energy or needing to slow down a little.

Aromatherapy is unique in that it restores harmony and balance of the mind and body through smell. We respond to smell quicker and more powerfully than any other sense. Before you even notice physical, hormonal and emotional shifts start to occur once you breath in the natural scents of essential oils.

The fact that they also smell beautiful whilst being incredibly good for you is a wonderful testament to the natural herbs, plants, trees and flowers you’re breathing in.

Chapter Organics aromatherapy blends provide a holistic tool to help you achieve more balance in your every day.  

We'd love to help you find your perfect blend. Please say  our incredible team would love to help you. 

Love, Charlotte 

Founder Chapter Organics