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Receive £1 off for every Chapter Bottle and Jar returned.

Our Story

Modern Aromatherapy. For your feelings.

''I feel like I need all the Chapter blends on my at all times for whatever the day throws at me'' Gemma Crowe.

Inspired by ancient wisdom, modernised for our busy lives. Aromatherapy Essentials to help support your everyday.

Chapter Organics is about finding a moment in the creases of everyday living to check in with ourselves to understand how we’re honestly feeling? Small simple rituals, the pauses and the presence, reconnecting with ourselves and our senses.

Designed to support our busy modern life with our never-ending to-do lists, there is a blend and product for every chapter, mood, feeling and emotion. The morning candle, the evening soak, your energising morning shower, a blend inspired by your stories to meet you where you are. 

Whether it’s for calm, clarity, to reduce the mental load or to put ourselves first. Our infusions are inspired by the ancient principles of aromatherapy and promote small changes in our daily routines to lead a more connected and contented life.

Feel free to scroll down and read all about why our community loves us. As a family run, independent business we make everything ourselves by hand using traditional artisan methods in small batches from our Yorkshire studio. We only use natural, vegan, plantbased ingredients. 

Come join us and notice how differently you feel.

Love, Charlotte. 

Why our Community loves us: 

  • Natural, Organic ingredients
  • Pure Essential Oils 

  • Generous Doses 

  • Vegan

  • Small Business

  • Made by hand 

  • £1 Donated from every order to The Marine Conservation Society

  • Each delivery Carbon Offset