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Plantbased Wellbeing, for every version of you.

Created by Charlotte Nutland, Chapter Organics is a collection of plant based, 100% natural aromatherapy home essentials. Including candles, room mists, diffusers etc.

''Did you know scent registers faster to the brain that sight, sound and touch? So before you even realise you've smelt an aromatherapy oil in your conscious brain a wonderful array of reactions have already started to take place. You wont immediately notice but you'll be experiencing physical, hormonal and emotional shifts such as your central nervous system relaxing and endorphins moving around your body to boost your mood. All of these incredibly small and positive effects from integrating essential oils in the right dose and the right oils in your everyday life. It can have a transformative effect on your wellbeing'' 

We understand that each Chapter of your story requires natural balance, sleep and energy.  We use natural ingredients to blend beautiful aromatherapy scents using the purest essential oils to support every version of you.

Hand poured by our team in Boston Spa, Yorkshire. Vegan friendly. Small batch. 

Get in touch, we'll always answer or join us on Instagram @chapterorganics.