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About Us

Skin + Self + Space


Hello. I’m Charlotte, Founder of Chapter Organics.

I think we’re all on a journey to try and be kinder to ourselves, the planet and each other and mine began when I became a mum for the first time. I’m now lucky enough to have two little boys. Whilst pregnant I started to design blends to help uplift, motivate, energise and relax. I wanted a product that smelt incredible, made me feel good and looked modern and luxurious in my home and at my desk. Friends and Family fell in love with the beautiful scents I started to create and loved our commitment to 100% natural infusions and most importantly how they made them feel. We now call this scent therapy and we love to make people feel good.

Our Philosophy is simple:

  • For Skin + Self + Space.
  • Wellbeing Moments for Life’s Little Chapters.
  • 100% Plant based, conscious, small batch, hand poured in Yorkshire.
  • Earth friendly.
  • Committed to charitable causes, £1.00 from every online order is donated to The Beauty Banks, like food banks, but for personal hygiene products. 

We understand that your life story is a series of Chapters and each Chapter deserves  thoughtfully infused, all natural products providing moments of balance, calm and energy.

Chapter Organics based in Boston Spa, Yorkshire uses fine essential oils and botanicals to create beautifully scented, long lasting home fragrance, bath and body care products.  We modernise the perception of aromatherapy by creating functional + luxury products hand-poured into dark brown apothecary bottles and jars. Our signature range of Chapters include; The Remedy, The Tonic, The Peace and The Quiet. Our products include: CandlesRoom DiffusersAtmosphere + Linen Mists. Hand and Body Cleansers and Hand and Body Moisturisers.