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Welcome to your new Candle Refill! This is an exciting new journey into reusing your beautiful apothecary candle vessels and filling them up with solid natural, raw wax inserts that has been hand poured by our artisans in our manufacturing studio in Yorkshire. 

The box that your refill arrived in is compostable and biodegradable so you can add it to your home composter.

How to clean out your candle jar:

Our candles are paraffin-free so they burn completely clean, you shouldn’t have any black marks on your glass. Pop it in the freezer for a few hours and any remaining wax should chip away, and you can use hot soapy water for the residue if you need to. You can use an old spoon to remove any wax. Our wax is natural and plant based so can be added to your composter. 

How to add in your insert: 
Pop in your candle wax insert and trim the wick to 0.5mm. Always keep your wick trim after every burn and trim back to 0.5 mm. This seems very short but it really works!

Burn time:

We recommend burning the candle until the wax meets the edge of the vessel. Soy wax has a memory so it will only ever burnt until it last burnt too. This takes around 2 hours. 

Dont let your candle burn right down to the very end of the candle. Leave about 1mm of wax for safety reasons.