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Pregnancy and Essential Oils

All of our products contain essential oils. Every pregnancy is different - some women choose to avoid essential oils, some choose to include them in their pregnancy journey. We recommend doing your own research and consulting a medical professional if unsure.

Some essential oils can be used in pregnancy after the first trimester (12 weeks), after consultation with your healthcare professional. Please avoid Essential Oils if your pregnancy is high risk. Please consult your healthcare professional prior to using essential oils whilst breastfeeding.

No Essential Oils should be overused in Pregnancy.

You should NEVER put essential oils neat on the skin or ingest the oils at any time, particularly while pregnant, or breastfeeding.

The following essential oils could be used after the first trimester and cover many pregnancy complaints after consultation with a healthcare provider.

Once cleared with a medical professional we recommend our The Peace Blend. 

The Peace Chapter is the blend that many of our customers use during pregnancy. We always recommend our customers to check with their medical team and avoid if their pregnancy is high risk.

 The Remedy Chapter has Eucalyptus within it which has mixed opinion in the Aromatherapy world on whether its safe in pregnancy. Peppermint should also be used in low doses and to not overuse in pregnancy. 

The Quiet and The Old Solstice have Clove Oils within them which should be used with caution during pregnancy.

The Wise Bath, Body, Shower and Massage Oils are not suitable for pregnancy of breastfeeding as they contain a high dosage of essential oils.