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Launching our Rollerball Pulse Point Oils

Posted by Charlotte Nutland on
Launching our Rollerball Pulse Point Oils

Our new Rollerball Pulse Point Oils are here and we’re really excited to be launching them in addition to our newest Chapter The Self.

We asked you what you’d love to know about our Rollerball Pulse Point Oils and here are our most asked questions.

I love the new products you’re introducing, what was the inspiration behind the Rollerballs?

Our philosophy at Chapter is about incorporating wellbeing into everyday moments. Stuff you’re already doing to help nurture your wellbeing and help you live the most fulfilled and content life.

There’s probably no quicker and easier way of enjoying the benefits of Aromatherapy than a Rollerball. Just a few quick circles of oil over your wrists and you’re quite literally transported to a whole new mood.

Having an on hand natural remedy in your back pocket or bag for that moment when you just need some help and support can be incredibly powerful. Soothing, calming, nurturing, focusing and energising your moods and feelings instantly.

We’ve used Rollerballs for years. The impact that they can have on how you feel during a moment of panic, lack of clarity or worry can be really profound. Its something we always knew we wanted to blend for Chapter.


How do they work?

Our Rollerball Pulse Point Oils are filled with natural and organic oils. Designed to be applied to pulse points. We prefer applying them to wrists, the back and side of your neck. Once applied the powerful, therapeutic essential oils get to work by travelling through your nose and your skin to help send a message to your central nervous system. Whether you’ve chosen a Chapter blend to help uplift or calm. The oils within it will begin to support your desired mood. We really recommend breathing in for 7 seconds and out for 3 whilst deeply breathing in the oils to achieve maximum benefit. You can apply as often as needed.

Whats inside the Rollerballs?

A mixture of beautifully nourishing organic Sunflower and Jojoba oils to help the therapeutic Aromatherapy Oils be applied to skin and our signature blends of essential oils for each Chapter blend.

How would you incorporate the oils into your daily routines?

Such a great question! I tend to carry all four around with me because you never quite know when you or a friend might need that moment of total calm. For example I was at an event a few weeks ago which was quite noisy and overwhelming I was able to provide a moment of calm to a group of friends by bringing our The Peace blend.

I don’t necessarily think our Rollerballs are for routines, they’re for moments of need.

I’d go for The Self if I needed a confidence boost, some encouragement like when heading into a meeting or difficult conversation.

The Quiet for when my mind feels like its overworking and overthinking and needs to be brought back into balance.

The Tonic if you’re feeling abit sluggish or not feeling particularly bright and breezy.

The Peace is amazing for calm and moments of pure tranquillity, great if you’re having a rush of anxiety or pop it on before sleep.

How long do they last?

Each Rollerball is filled with around 12ml of beautiful oils. They last around 3 months depending on how you use them. Please note this is not a perfume so the fragrance does not last in the way you may expect from a perfume. A Rollerball Pulse Point oil is an on hand natural remedy to help you feel more balanced, connected and calm as and when you need it. Deeply breath in the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy as you apply the oils to achieve maximum benefits. 

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