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About Chapter

We are makers of award winning, plant based, Aromatherapy blends. Each one designed to appeal to your senses, reset your mind, balance emotions and replenish your skin.

In our Yorkshire Studio we design and make our Aromatherapy wellbeing Chapters to help shift mood states and connect you to a more calm and balanced state of mind.

We create a range of Aromatherapy, Skincare and Wellbeing blends that are designed to fit effortlessly into your everyday routines. Blends to accompany your morning coffee, evening bath, whilst making dinner or sending emails. We’re here to support each Chapter of your day, every mood, feeling and emotion.

My Story 

You know that feeling when you feel well rested, energised, like you're living in the present, inspired and your mood is balanced? 

Chapter Organics began accidentally at my kitchen table. I had discovered Aromatherapy as a tool to help support my emotional wellbeing, which I was playing closer attention to after having children and my sleep was all over the place and my energy levels were suffering.

Aromatherapy brought an immediate and powerful sense of calm and balance to my days and encouraged me to take better care of myself. 

I began by creating blends initially for myself, my friends and family that were sensitive to our daily challenges; the usual busy life stressors from poor sleep, anxiety, overthinking and lacking in energy and confidence.

When I founded Chapter Organics 4 years ago each blend was inspired by a real story or moment and this purpose remains today. Our blends are rooted in ancient wisdom but considerate to our modern living.

Natural, plant based and organic and yet genuinely effective and simple so they can slot right into your everyday routines and rhythms so your daily self care routine becomes intentional and yet effortless. 

From our morning shower with an uplifting and mood boosting shower cleanser, our coffee with a grounding and manifesting rollerball to our evening wind down routines with candles and bath salts. Through mindful, daily practice we start to notice a difference in the everyday stressful pinch points and feel a greater sense of wellbeing. The mind and body want to be well and we can trust nature to help us find our balance. 

Today, our incredible team produce a range of natural, organic and Award Winning Aromatherapy blends covering 5 key mood states. Each blend thoughtfully created to offer an anecdote to our busy, often hectic lives. 

Blends to slot easily into your routines that help shift moods and restore balance. Blends that are designed to help you feel your best and balanced self.

We work with an incredible portfolio of hospitality and retail clients and have a loyal online Business.

We’re proud our blends are all made by our team of Artisans in our Yorkshire Studio. Sustainability is a quiet and yet ever-present theme to our Business and we ensure all our products are vegan and not tested on animals.'

We're so pleased you're here and part of our story. Watch our video here 

Love, Charlotte