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Please recycle with Chapter Organics. 

Our plastic pouches can be recycled, but not through normal household recycling. Please save 6 empty and cleaned pouches and return to Chapter Organics and we will send you a new pouch completely for free worth £65.00. 

We work in partnership with Terracycle to thoroughly recycle and reuse these plastic pouches and turn them into new products such as play equipment.

Why purchase a plastic pouch?

This plastic pouch is designed so you can refill your favourite Chapter Organics blends into your original glass bottles time and time again. The amount of plastic used in each pouch is 85% less plastic than a conventional plastic bottle – for the same amount of product held and 65% less waste that disposing of your glass bottles. We know how beautiful your bottles and Jars are and we want to help you reuse them time and time again.

Not perfect

We admit using plastic pouches isnt perfect. Please be assured as a sustainable and conscious brand we are hopeful that we can move away from plastic pouches altogether in the near future once a product safe (kraft pouches are not secure) and cost effective option becomes available. If you have any ideas please email, we'd love to hear.