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Christmas Wellbeing Gifting Guide

Posted by Charlotte Nutland on

Wellbeing reminders to rest and reset

Sometimes we all need some inspiration on what to choose for our favourite people. We believe in considerate, intentional gifting that reminds people to take better care of themselves. Gifts that are infused with powerful therapeutic Aromatherapy blends that soothe, restore, reconnect and rebalance. A gift that goes way beyond Christmas. 

Here are our favourite moments of selfcare, wellbeing and taking time out for all those special people on your list.... including you. 

A short guide on what to do when you're feeling overwhelmed

Posted by Charlotte Nutland on

A short guide on what to do when you're feeling overwhelmed.  Feeling overwhelmed is very common at this time of year when the social calendar, busy workloads, never ending school requirements, darker nights and of...

Slow + Quiet Weekends - Your ideas

Posted by Charlotte Nutland on

Quiet + Slow Festive weekends. Your ideas.  At this time of year there is alot to be thankful for, but the pressure to be doing something every weekend and creating new traditions can start to feel...

Why we love Glass. Alot.

Posted by Charlotte Nutland on

You recognise our Chapter Organics bottles for their striking, cool Amber Glass. There are so many reasons we will only ever work with glass and here's why. 

  • Amber glass protects essential oils from light damage, keeping your plant extracts safe and active.
  • Glass is one of the most sustainable materials on earth. It is 100% recyclable and is remelted endlessly without ever reducing quality. The UK glass sector has one of the best recycling records across all recycling sectors 
  • Our Chapter Organics glass is cool, functional, striking and adds a timeless elegance to any sink, bathroom or shower.

Feeling tired? You're not alone.

Posted by Charlotte Nutland on

Lots of visits to The Studio this week has included conversations around being really tired. Feeling exhausted and not getting a good work/life/home balance. If you feel guilty about resting its really important to try...