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Spring. Has. Sprung.

Posted by Charlotte Nutland on
It feels good doesn't it. Have you noticed a change in your mood or energy levels? A desire to spend more time outside and bring the outside inside with fresh blooms? 
As the seasons change its a perfect time to look at your routines to see if they're ready for a refresh. It's time to say hello to the sunshine and spend more time outside.  With the clocks changing on Sunday it’s the perfect time for us to reset our bodies for spring.

We won 2 National Wellbeing Awards

Posted by Charlotte Nutland on
As lots of you will be able to testify, running a small Business is really hard. Chapter Organics began accidentally at my kitchen table in 2017. I had recently discovered Aromatherapy as a tool to help support my emotional wellbeing, which I was playing closer attention to after having kids and my sleep was all over the place and my energy levels were suffering.

Evenings - lets reclaim this time

Posted by Charlotte Nutland on

Do you struggle to switch off after a busy day with work, life admin, children and family life? Do you find your evenings are hectic and frazzled rather than calm and cosy? Creating a sense...

Sleep Routines

Posted by Charlotte Nutland on

Sleep. So coveted. So lovely and sometimes so hard to get right. 

Consistent sleep routines are an essential aspect of getting a really great nights sleep. Create a routine that makes you want to go to bed early. Its all about going back to basics and sticking with it for 2-3 months and noticing how you feel. 

Before we share your top 5 favourite routines.....

Lets just recap all the stuff that you already know about getting good sleep but probably need to think about. No caffeine after lunch time, no phones 1 hour before bed, eat earlier. 

Solo Self Care Day | Suggested routine

Posted by Charlotte Nutland on

When's the last time you spent a whole day focused on you, the things you like, love and make you feel good. We're inviting you to spend a day date with yourself. A day to reconnect, restore and read a few more pages of your book. 

The Solo Self Care day isnt about an expensive Spa day or a fancy long lunch, whilst things are amazing, at Chapter Organics we believe in simply enhancing everyday routines with aromatherapy and wellbeing. These simple shifts can make such a tangible difference to the way we feel.