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Wake UP well

Posted by Charlotte Nutland on

When we talk about our circadian rhythms we often discuss the importance of the sleep cycle element. Focusing on our evening and sleep routine. This is just one element of the circadian rhythm because we also need to focus on the time immediately after waking. 

3 Effortless Self Care Ideas for the Summer Holidays

Posted by Charlotte Nutland on
Effortless self care ideas for when you're spinning plates and juggling this summer. Whether its childcare, work or a busy family life. You are worthy of selfcare everyday and the simplest and more effective way to knit in moments of selfcare is to start by simply knitting in moments of selfcare to your everyday routines and rituals. 

4 ways you can bring yourself back into balance

Posted by Charlotte Nutland on

I dont know if you felt this too but last week we felt all over the place and thankfully my feelings were validated by Home - Harriet Heath - Pilates & Yoga ( who wrote about her...

What is Aromatherapy? | Your 9 questions answered

Posted by Charlotte Nutland on

Your 9 questions answered 1. Why we adore Aromatherapy?  Aromatherapy is a holistic therapy that uses essential oils (extracts from plants) to promote good heath and a sense of balanced wellbeing. Holistic Aromatherapy treats the...

3 good mood boosting products for a really great day

Posted by Charlotte Nutland on

If you're loving this sunshine weather and wanting to carry the feel good, positive and joyful vibes into the week. Look no further than our The Tonic Chapter Blend. A Candle to burn outside to...