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Sleep Routines

Posted by Charlotte Nutland on

Sleep. So coveted. So lovely and sometimes so hard to get right. 

Consistent sleep routines are an essential aspect of getting a really great nights sleep and to waking up feeling well.

Create a routine that makes you want to go to bed early. A routine that prioritises your sleep and rest just as you may already do with other aspects of your wellbeing such as fitness or diet.

Its all about going back to basics and sticking with it for 2-3 months and noticing how you feel. 

Before we share your top 5 favourite routines with you. Lets just recap all the stuff that you already know about getting good sleep but probably need to think about. No caffeine after lunch time, no phones 1 hour before bed, eat earlier. 

1. Evening 

Create a real sense of evening, a departure from your busy, working day. An evening that is all about the things that you like and make you feel good. Don't save evenings just for holidays. Bring this concept into your everyday life. Light a The Quiet Candle whilst you prepare dinner its been blended with natural essential oils to help switch off a runaway mind, blended for the over thinkers that want to switch off their constant to do lists.  

2. Bath 

In the UK many of us bath our children every night so why not extend this calming, warming ritual to yourself. Bathing in warm water has been scientifically proven to relax the body and signal to the mind to rest and calm down. Add a generous handful of The Remedy Bathing Salts in the water and shut the door as you run the bath. You'll return to the bathroom being transformed to a luxury spa. 

3. Rest 

Find activities that do not involve scrolling on your phone. We are all guilty of this but do you notice how lethargic you feel afterwards? Infact really try and put your phone away in a different room. In a box. In a cupboard? Think about all those hours you have to do something else. What could that be? There are so many incredible television series to enjoy, books to read or even make yourself a cake for tomorrow. We love this healthy banana bread great to pop in your work bag. 

4. Bed 

Head upstairs 1 hour before you usually go to bed. Create a bedroom environment that entices you upstairs. Soft lighting with lamps, fresh bed covers, soft blankets. Pop a few drops of The Peace Purest Blend into your Chi Diffuser which is also a soft lamp and listen and watch the gentle mist fill your room with the most relaxing blend of essential oils. Read or listen to a podcast or audio book. 

5. Night time. 

Before switching off your light and closing your eyes. Roll a few drops of our The Peace Rollerball onto your wrists, sides of the neck and tops of shoulders and breath deeply 5 x in and out. 

You can find all these products within our The Deep Sleep Routine 

Sleep Well x

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