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Refill Day - How we're approaching packaging sustainably.

Posted by Charlotte Nutland on
Refill Day - How we're approaching packaging sustainably.

One of the questions we get asked alot when it comes to our packaging is, do you do refill pouches? Our Studio is full of different types of Refill Pouches that we've tried and tested over the years as packaging and sustainability is always a number 1 priority for us.

Which is for now why we continue to offer our Room Diffusers and Body and Hand Cleansers in Glass and we'd love to explain why. 

  • Our research into Refills has shown that many of the 'recyclable' plastic pouches on the market cannot be recycled in home recycling they need taking to a special recycling centre and this is often on the small print
  • This means the onus is on the customer to read this and make time to recycle properly which we know makes like difficult 
  • Even 'Green' Pouches have a plastic liner which means they need taking apart before recycling and taking to a specialist recycling centre 
  • We know plastic causes a big problem for the environment as only 10% is often effectively recycled 
  • At Chapter Organics we don't want to add any more unnecessary plastics into our supply chain knowing what we know about the poor rates of recycling in plastics 
  • We want to try and reduce all plastics from our packaging and work on this every year. 

SO! This brings us back to Glass 

You recognise our Chapter Organics bottles for their striking, cool Amber Glass. There are so many reasons we will only ever work with glass and here's why. 

  • Amber glass protects essential oils from light damage, keeping your plant extracts safe and active.
  • Glass is one of the most sustainable materials on earth. It is 100% recyclable and is remelted endlessly without ever reducing quality.
  • The UK glass sector has one of the best recycling records across all recycling sectors 
  • Our glass is cool, functional, striking and adds a timeless elegance to any sink, bathroom or shower.

Of course we're always learning and can always be better so please do let us know if theres any suggestions you have we'd love to hear. 

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