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6 Chapters of Wellbeing

Posted by Charlotte Nutland on
6 Chapters of Wellbeing

6 Chapters of Wellbeing 

Research shows if you do something from each of these six Chapters every day, it will help you feel good, more resilient, less anxious and more content. 

Our Philosophy at Chapter Organics takes a realistic and holistic approach to your wellbeing. We have a big focus on rest and joy, areas so often overlooked in the pursuit of wellness. Each of our 6 Aromatherapy Chapters uses natural, solution led ingredients to support 6 Chapters of Wellbeing. Each named according to their emotional benefits. 

Move - The Clarity Chapter

 This is more than exercise this is about understanding which style of movement works for you, your body and mind and what brings you pleasure. Movement should be enjoyed every day and  finding an approach to movement that you enjoy and make time to do rather than seeing as a chore is game changing.  Enjoy The Clarity Blend after a movement session to create a Spa like experience at home, try our Bathing Salts to  relax your muscles, to detox and bring you back into balance. 

Joy -  The Tonic Chapter

Fun, laughter, good times often feel ignored in the world of wellbeing. Have you ever noticed how good you feel when you get back from the evening social plan you didn't want to go too you feel so much better. Making time for pleasure, fun and laughter can help boost “feel good” brain chemicals, serotonin and endorphins. This can help you feel more upbeat for the rest of the day and more resilient in the face of stress. Incorporate The Tonic Blend into your social plans and light a candle whilst you're getting ready to naturally boost your mood. 

Sleep - The Peace Chapter We all know the importance of sleep. We all want better, deeper, more restorative sleep. Start by creating a dreamy wind down routine that makes you want to go to bed. Think long baths, a hotel style turn down service, warm tea, fresh pyjamas and a new book. Use alongside The Peace Aromatherapy Mist to help you feel sleepy and calm. 

Nourish - The Quiet Chapter

Nourish your mind and brain with things that help you continue to learn and grow. Find something meaningful that fills up your cup.  Are you working on something that makes you feel proud? Nourish with the right foods, nourish with supplements and water. Nourish with learning and creativity. To help you plan a week of delicious and satisfying meals that make you feel proud to cook and eat, settle down with The Quiet Blend to bring focus, contentment and concentration. 

Soul - The Self Chapter

Connecting with others helps your soul feel good. Finding your people takes time. Strengthening your relationships, volunteering and and acts of kindness and helping others is associated with feeling happier and more satisfied with life. Feel empowered and inspired to do soulful things with The Self Diffuser and your notebook to make a soul plan for the month. 

Rest - The Wise Chapter 

Taking time out every day to Rest is not about just sleeping or a spa break once a year. Its factoring in daily time to rest, reconnect and replenish. Think of it like a siesta. Taking time to rest throughout the day helps improve your mental health, creativity and reduces anxiety. It helps you find joy and enjoyment in the small moments instead of always racing forward to tomorrow. Enjoy a moment of deep Rest with The Wise Body Oil to bring a moment of complete sanctuary, reflection and rest to your day. 


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