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Aromatherapy for Evening Routines

Posted by Charlotte Nutland on

Aromatherapy really comes into its own on an evening, helping you to create a departure from your busy day. Whether you'd like to unplug from work, looking after the family or from running errands we love to create ourselves a hotel style turn down service and Aromatherapy supports us to get cosy, soothe stress and melt away tension. 

We love to light Aromatherapy candles from around 5pm, the act in itself feels special and creates a departure from normal routine, elevating your evening and helping it feel more special and considered. We love The Quiet for a feeling of stillness and contentment. Its aromatic and herbaceous and beautiful for evenings in the Kitchen. 

We love listening to a podcast as we cook or tidy away and prepare a quick but nourishing meal using lots of herbs and spices for flavour. 

Setting the table with some flowers from the garden and bringing your Aromatherapy Candle to the table really helps us to bring the Friday feeling into your Kitchen space. 

After dinner, we love to take a Bath with books or simply enjoying the peace and quiet. At the moment we're enjoying The Peace Bathing Salts. To soothe achy muscles, help top up our magnesium levels and help us unwind and switch off with Lavender, Patchouli and Bergamot. 

Before heading downstairs to enjoy an evening of relaxation. Popping a few drops of The Clarity Purest Blend into your Aroma Diffuser as you relax helps take you to a luxury spa with Lavender and Eucalyptus. 

If the weather is lovely and bright we love to take a Chapter Organics Aromatherapy Candle into the garden, The Tonic Candle is particularly beautiful on a long summers evening. Now all we need is the weather to catch up. 

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