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How do you use our Purest Essential Oil Blends?

Posted by Charlotte Nutland on
How do you use our Purest Essential Oil Blends?

Transform your moods, feelings and surroundings and fill your senses in pure natural Aromatherapy. Shift mindsets and moods and support your emotional wellbeing with our powerful and potent Purest Essential Oil Blends. These pure Essential Oil Blends are incredibly versatile and can be used in many ways to blend Aromatherapy and wellbeing into your daily routines. 

You can simply use your Purest Essential Oi Blends in your Chi Aroma Diffuser or try one of these alternative ways to use your Blends. 

Suffering from seasonal allergies? 

Soothe itchy and irritated airways with The Clarity Purest Essential Oil Blend. Open up airways and melt away irritation by adding a few drops to a bowl of hot water, take a few mindful breaths of the steam or add to our Chi Aroma Diffuser.

Stressful moments in the Car

The Car can often be a point where we felt tense, commuting, school and work trips or travelling to busy places can leave us feeling tense and overwhelmed. Add a few drops to your car mats in the footwell of your car or drown a tissue or cotton pad in your The Tonic Purest Blend to act as a natural scent for the car. 

Within the home 

Add a few balls of cotton wool to your Organic Cotton Cloth bag and hang in your wardrobe. We love The Peace for this to bring calm, aromatic and a sensory blend to your bedrooms. A truly peaceful moment every time you open your wardrobe. 

Add a few drops onto the back of your pillow before sleep or to your yoga mat before stretching out. We love The Quiet for to calm a runaway mind and to bring focus during a challenging day.

Always patch test first and dont apply the Purest Blends to directly to skin. 

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