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Naturally Soothing The Clarity for Hayfever

Posted by Charlotte Nutland on
Naturally Soothing The Clarity for Hayfever

The garden is in full bloom and looking beautiful and with that if you're a hayfever sufferer comes the itchy eyes, nose and throat, sneezing and headaches. Hayfever can also make you feel irritated, drowsy and tired. The Clarity Blend has a number of soothing Essential Oils to support Hayfever symptoms. 

We recommend The Clarity Purest Essential Oil Blend to support breathing and irritation caused by hayfever. You can use this Blend in your Aroma Diffuser, on the back of your pillows, breath in on a tissue. So long as it doesnt come into direct contact with skin you can use this Blend anywhere, patch test first. 

Secondly The Clarity Bathing Salts are very helpful when you're feeling irritated and tired from Hayfever. Simply pour a generous two handfuls into a warm or cool bath and feel the tension melting away. 

Refresh, cleanse and soothe your airways with The Clarity Blend. Blended with Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Lavender and Peppermint. Essential Oils knowns to help clear and clarify your senses, relieve congestion and airways and soothe headaches. This natural Spa Blend is invigorating and restorative and brings you back into balance after a long day at work or travelling. 

Lavender Essential Oil is helpful for Hayfever as its floral and herbaceous and calms and relaxes your breathing. 

Eucalyptus blends beautifully with Lavender and aids congestion and inflammation. Its cooling and soothing when you're feeling frazzled and itchy. 

Tea Tree Essential Oil  helps to relax the nasal muscles which clears out mucus and allergens like pollen which is helpful for dealing with hayfever. 

We hope The Clarity brings some natural relief this Spring/Summer. 

Talk Soon,

Love, Charlotte 

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