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5 Ways to upgrade your day

Posted by Charlotte Nutland on
5 Ways to upgrade your day

This is your permission slip to nourish yourself so we feel well taken of this week. We believe you need to take small steps everyday to keep your wellbeing in check and to actively participate in life and to thrive not just to exist. Wellbeing is not just 1 thing, its a series of routines you embed into your everyday life that are reflected in your experiences, emotions and moments.

1. HYDRATE - Drink 1 pint of warm water every morning when you wake up! Can help to lower stress and gets your digestive system moving. 

2. SCREEN FREE ZONE- Limit screen time. Is there something you could do tonight that didnt involve your phone or the TV? Something you've wanted to do for ages. Put some pictures into frames. Enjoy completing that task 

3. FUN-  Make time for fun! Arrange a BBQ for next weekend. We need to live more spontaneously and be less restricted to organising stuff in advance. 

4. SUN-  Get some sunlight. The weather is incredible at the moment. This is the warmth we crave all winter. Get outside and enjoy every moment. 

5. MOVE - Go for a walk tonight, find somewhere quite and look up. You'll feel so good for doing it. Take a flask of something delicious to drink for the ride. 

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