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3 Effortless Self Care Ideas for the Summer Holidays

Posted by Charlotte Nutland on
3 Effortless Self Care Ideas for the Summer Holidays 
Effortless self care ideas for when you're spinning plates and juggling this summer. Whether its childcare, work or a busy family life. You are worthy of selfcare everyday and the simplest and more effective way to knit in moments of selfcare is to start by simply knitting in moments to your everyday routines and rituals. 
Ensuring your cup is full so you feel your more joyous, present and calm self enables you to also take better care of others. 
Reframing the notion that you are worthy of selfcare everyday and you deserve to nourish and nurture your mind and body, guilt free has a transformative effect on how you feel everyday and can have huge positive effects on your wellbeing, how you work, run your business, home and family life. 
Idea 1 Create a morning shower sanctuary 
Your shower routine is probably missing a Shower Oil. Create an instant sanctuary in your morning shower and upgrade your morning shower routine with a Shower Oil.  Shower Cleansing Oils leave your skin indulgently soft and hydrated but also leave your mind calm and restored with a blend of therapeutic cold pressed organic oils of  Avocado, Sweet Almond and Coconut Oils rich in Vitamin E, K and C. Breathe in the essential oils as you pour into your hands and take a few moments to visualise your day ahead with positive affirmations 
'Today is going to be a good day.' Shop Shower Oil 
Idea 2  Mist away any stuck energy 
You know that feeling when you feel just stuck in a mood or mindset. Hit the reset button instantly with a few spritz's with our The Quiet Aromatherapy Mist. Created with a therapeutic blend of grounding, calming and focusing essential oils including aromatic Rose Geranium, Frankincense, Bergamot and Clove. Perfect to Mist in the car, keep in your bag, use when you've sat down to enjoy a cup of tea or when you need to get away from it all and just reconnect to yourself. Shop The Quiet Aromatherapy Mist 
Idea 3  Escape the overwhelm and take a day Bath 
Why is taking a bath mostly reserved for the evening? Take a lunch time, morning or mid afternoon bath when you have a creative block or are feeling tired or restless to recalibrate and give your mind and body a break. Taking a bath with The Remedy Bathing Salts is both invigorating and calming with a powerful blend of mind clearing Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Lavender essential oils. Perfect if you're feeling out of balance or have that weary and jaded feeling. Our sea salts also contain magnesium and vital minerals which supports a reduction in fatigue and anxiety. Shop Bathing Salts 


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