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Wake UP well

Posted by Charlotte Nutland on
Wake UP well

When we talk about our circadian rhythms we often discuss the importance of the sleep cycle element. Focusing on our evening and sleep routine. This is just one element of the circadian rhythm because we also need to focus on the time immediately after waking. 

When we wake up we experience a built up of cortisol (natural stress hormone) which slowly decreases in the hour after rising. The steps we take to embrace coming round and waking slowly can impact our mood for the rest of our day. 

If we're woken suddenly (hello, small children) or we immediately check our phones, emails and to do lists cortisol levels can remain elevated which can supress our evening melatonin product which therefore disrupts our sleep hormones and crucially can affect our mood for the rest cue anxiety, lack of focus and concentration.

And so the cycle starts again. 

So how can we create a mindful wake up experience? 

  • Avoid being startled awake if you can by leaving curtains open so natural sunlight wakes you.
  • Create a 5 minute wake up ritual including looking out of the window first thing
  • Ensure your morning shower ritual is comforting and mood boosting with The Wise Shower Oil 
  • Begin your day with a glass of warm water and lemon to hydrate and cleanse 
  • Wait as long as possible to reach for your phone 


Designed to work with the body's circadian rhythm, our The Wise Shower Oil with the beautiful natural aroma of Clary Sage, Lemon, Cardamon and Frankincense Essential Oils will wake your senses helping to sharpen focus, relieve anxiety and boost circulation.

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