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4 ways you can bring yourself back into balance

Posted by Charlotte Nutland on
4 ways you can bring yourself back into balance

I dont know if you felt this too but last week we felt all over the place and thankfully my feelings were validated by Home - Harriet Heath - Pilates & Yoga ( who wrote about her and her clients strange emotions too. 

The Moon and Solar System were up to its old tricks, so dont worry, apparently its the planets and honestly that always makes us feel better. To a) have our feelings validated and b) to know its not us, its the moon! 

When we begin to feel out of balance we lean on a toolkit of tips and tricks we’ve learnt along the way to help us feel nourished, supported and to boost those endorphin levels. 

At Chapter we know how important those daily wellbeing rituals are for helping us to feel at our best so its important to go back to basics and ensure we're taking positive, daily action to help bring us back into balance. 

4 simple steps when you're feeling out of kilter: 

1) Move! When I need to shake off any negative energy I like to go for a run. For me running is instant, I can go whenever I want. Its never easy to get going and the first few weeks are tough but the rewards are great.  I pop in my earphones and listen to a Podcast I love chatty ones like My Therapist Ghosted Me, it feels like I'm hanging out with friends and really distracts me from my own thoughts. When I get back I spend another 10 minutes lifting some free weights in the garden, you know the ones we all brought during lockdown. I've lifted light weights on and off for a few years but I still find some inspiring videos on instagram or youtube.  Lifting weights really helps me to feel strong (literally) but also I find the endorphin rush after is really good. 

I love nothing more than going for a walk too. Its my all time favourite past time. Any movement is positive. 

2. Ensure you've nourished yourself. On weeks when you're feeling out of balance is SO easy to reach for the sugar. I craved Jam Donuts all week. But I know this just contributes to the feelings of unease so try and find a recipe you want to make for yourself. I also find sitting down and reading recipe books very relaxing and inspiring and watching TV cookery shows gives me feel good feelings. 

3. Make a date to connect with someone you love hanging out with. Send a text and ask them to hang out. Conversation, having fun and socialising is just as important as nights in. Meet for a picnic, a bike ride or a coffee. It doesn't just have to be about going for a drink or dinner. What's your favourite way to hang out with friends? 

4. Lean into the feeling because this too shall pass. Maybe you've been abit overstimulated recently? Too busy, too stretched? Try and check in with yourself to see what comes up for you. Lean on The Peace Rollerball and The Peace Purest Blend to help settle any anxious thoughts and to bring you a feeling of calm and contentment. 

Next week is a new week

Love, Charlotte x 

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