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Which Essential Oils are best for Valentines Day?

Posted by Charlotte Nutland on
Which Essential Oils are best for Valentines Day?

At Chapter Organics we're celebrating all different kinds of love this Valentines. Love and connection to yourself, romantic love, showing your friend or sister you care, acknowledging your colleague and showing love to your partner. 

Which Essential Oils embody love this Valentines? 

1. Self Love and Self Connection

Frankincense is a connecting, focusing, spiritual and grounding Essential oil. Used for centuries in spiritual practice it brings the mind and body into balance and allows you to concentrate. Enjoy this connecting oil in our The Quiet Purest Essential Oil Blend 

2. For Friendship

Bergamot Essential Oil is  beautiful oil for friendship to soothe overthinking and anxiety and keep you in high spirits and make you feel content and reassured. Its light and bright and helps remind you of good memories. Enjoy within The Tonic Room Diffuser 


3. Romantic Love for Her 

Patchouli is a deeply sensual and romantic essential oil that feels feminine. Its relaxing, warm and grounding and inspires confidence. Enjoy with The Peace Rollerball which can be used as massage pen on tense shoulders and back 

4. Romantic Love for Him 

Cedarwood is one of our favourite understated Essential Oils that men are typically drawn too as its masculine, woody, warm and comforting. It makes a delightful change from floral relaxing essential oils but is deeply restful and self assured. Enjoy The Self Candle 

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