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Resting isn't lazy its Essential. 3 Ways to Rest this weekend

Posted by Charlotte Nutland on
Resting isn't lazy its Essential. 3 Ways to Rest this weekend

3 Ways to Rest this weekend 

Resting recharges our batteries, resets our energy and helps us heal. Resting is proven to improve our mental health, reduce anxiety and stress and help us sleep better. When we're tired and burnt out we cant always enjoy the the small things and our anxiety spirals. Resting doesn't have to be a big deal.

Here are 3 ways we like to cultivate rest on a weekend. 

  1. No plans weekend = During busy weeks we often crave the slowness and simplicity of the weekend. However when Friday rolls around we have a jam packed social calendar and zero down time. The easiest way to maximise the weekends which seem to go fly by is to do very little. The slowness of these days can at first feel unfamiliar to rushing around and making plans and socialising but you'll notice how much better you feel when Monday comes around. Time goes slower when you do very little and this is the entire point.
  2. Sitting down and savouring = During the midweek rush you may get your coffee to go, each lunch at your desk, have your morning tea whilst doing jobs. Its the weekend so take your time, romanticise the moments. Take a seat and enjoy your tea whilst looking out of the window, head to a coffee shop and take a book or a paper and order to stay in. 
  3. Day Bathing = It can feel like abit of a cliché to create a spa day at home. But the science and history connected to bathing in warm water and aromatic salts and oils is well established. Sea Salts have been used for centuries to support mental and physical health full of natural and healing marine minerals including MAGNESIUM, POTASSIUM, SODIUM and ZINC. We know Magnesium as a wonder mineral because it can soothe fatigues muscles and promote a good nights sleep. Combined with our blend of restorative and healing Essential Oils your warm bath is your reset button. 



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