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Which Chapter blend would work for me?

Posted by Charlotte Nutland on
Which Chapter blend would work for me?

We've been meeting so many inspiring customers at our Studio over the last few weeks. Now that the sunshine has come out, we have acres of easy parking and we take card payments inside its been incredible to meet lots of longstanding customers face-face! 

A big question we've noticed all our customers asking. Which blend is for me? This is such a wonderful question because we've designed all our aromatherapy blends based on our real life experiences to help you feel more connected, energised, calmer and to press pause in times when you're feeling abit overstretched and frazzled. Sound familiar? So its likely you need each blend at different points throughout your day. Knitting them in to your everyday routines and rituals. A quick morning shower calls for an energising all over Hand and Body Cleanser, a long zoom call? Bring focus and clarity with The Quiet. Wanting to create a spa like bath on a Sunday night, light The Remedy. Hosting friends on Friday night for a takeout create some calm, chilled vibes with The Peace Purest Essential Oil Blend. 

Lets find the aromatherapy blend you need most today. 

Deep relaxation, for a tranquil, restorative sleep. 

Unwind, feel less frazzled and frantic, feel clarity and focus 

Revive, energise and hop into an awakening morning shower 

For protection, immunity and to support breathing and seasonal allergies 

To balance hormones, feel content and supported

Feeling tired, low in spirit and run down. Escape 

Wanting to create a spa evening at home 

Take our wellbeing quiz to find your perfect toolkit 

Love, Charlotte x 

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