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The sleep routine you've been dreaming of

Posted by Charlotte Nutland on
The sleep routine you've been dreaming of

Really simple and relatable sleep routines we can start to integrate today. 

Its no secret here at Chapter Organics that we’re pretty obsessed with sleep. We understand the significance of how it makes you feel each and everyday. 

If you’re struggling with your sleep at the moment, starting a new routine can feel overwhelming and restrictive. Or perhaps you’ve just accepted that you’re a ‘bad sleeper?'

We love creating routines that feel so good you want to go to bed early. You enjoy taking yourself upstairs, skipping the next episode of your series (MAFS season 11 anyone?) and even switching late night plans for brunch instead.... we know the affect even socialising until 10/11pm can have on our quality of sleep. 

Once you find a sleep rhythm that works for you, the changes this brings to your day-day are so transformative you'll soon be raving about how good you feel. 

We believe good sleep starts with your evening routine so lets get stuck into a few simple things you can do to start getting your dreamiest nights sleep. 


Sleep is where we heal, recover and reset. Reframing how we view sleep is really important in your sleep journey. Instead of seeing it as a chore or a necessity. Think about sleep as a loving part of your self care routine. A part of the day you look forward too just in the same way you might look forward to snuggling on the sofa after a long day or heading out with friends to catch up.

Reframing sleep can be a really powerful way of prioritising this essential and yet incredible part of your day because the next day you will feel the benefits. Start by creating a beautiful sleep space and give yourself a hotel style 'turn down service'  soft lamps, fresh bedding, a clean set of pyjamas, relaxing music and bring some sensory and aromatic Aromatherapy into your space such as infusing your Bedroom with The Peace Purest Blend. 


Your best night sleep always start in the day. In order to let your body know that sleep is on its way for you, we need to be mindful of our Circadian rhythm. This is your 24 hour cycle that dictates when you feel alert and when you feel tired. 

Sticking to a similar pattern and routine everyday is really important as its how your internal body clock starts to begin to understand what is coming next. Waking and going to sleep at the same time every day is a really important step. Also considering what time you eat and move your body.

Cut caffeine after lunch and switch to decaf for the same comforting sensation but without the stimulation. We also love romanticising your evening routine, play music whilst cooking dinner, light a grounding and focusing candle and set the table with some spring flowers. 


Once you start a new routine, it can be quite hard to stick too for the first week. The temptation to stay up late to watch MAFS (we get it) or to mindlessly scroll is a habit we all get stuck in sometimes. The key is to lower your expectations of instant results. Try and give your new routine around 4-6 weeks. Making small changes each week rather than changing too many things at once. Also don’t worry if you slip off the routine, follow the 80/20 rule and go easy on yourself. 

Suggested routine changes

Start by implementing 1 or 2 elements of a sleep routine each week. Start slowly and build up. Be as consistent as possible and be prepared to stick with it for 4-6 weeks. 

  1. Create a beautiful sleep sanctuary the makes you want to go to bed. Fresh sheets, comfy pyjamas, soft lights music and essential oils 
  2. Screen time, if you currently scroll on your phone until 10pm, promise yourself you’ll stay off it from 9pm for the first week and work backwards. We find putting our phones or tech away in a box in another room helps the temptation to scroll 
  3. Aromatherapy plays an important and effective part of your sleep routine, signalling to your parasympathetic nervous system to rest and feel calm. Choose oils that have been blended with soothing essential oils all found within our Sleep Kit 
  4. Use a shipping delivery box and write on it 'screens' and pop it a separate room from your desired time, this physical act of separation feels liberating after the first 24 hours 
  5. Ensure you have enough warm drink options to switch too after lunch time to minimise the caffeine. Herbal teas, decaf teas and have you tried mushroom teas?
  6. Declutter your bedroom, if you have piles of clean washing (we all do) can you shift to a different place?
  7. Take a warm salt bath 1 hour before bed. Magnesium found within our The Peace, or The Remedy Bathing Salts helps to help produce your calming hormones and help you feel more relaxed and ready for bed.

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