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The Remedy and The Tonic Atmosphere and Linen Mists are back!

Posted by Charlotte Nutland on
The Remedy and The Tonic Atmosphere and Linen Mists are back!

Which Atmosphere and Linen Mist is for me?

Here at Chapter, we believe in listening to your body to understand which Aromatherapy blend you need to help support your feelings of wellbeing today. Each day is different and brings unique events that can help shape how we feel. You probably therefore need each Chapter at various points throughout your work. On a frazzled day it might be The Tonic to help you feel a little more positive, energised and vibrant and on a day when you're struggling with a cold, hayfever or just need to clear your head, reach for cooling, calming and cleansing The Remedy. 

The Tonic is a really beautiful mood boosting scent. Great to uplift your work environment if you're having a slump. Mist before a big meeting or before you're entertaining to create warm, cosy and happy thoughts. Its all about the good vibes with these beautiful citrus oils. 

How do I use an Atmosphere and Linen Mist?

This is a great question! You can pretty much use them whenever and however you like so long as you avoid applying them to skin. We love to use The Remedy Mist in the bedroom if we're feeling a little congested and like we need to clear our minds. That groggy end of day feeling? It banishes that. In the hallways if we'd like to quickly clean, cleanse and purify the air. Its also wonderful for refreshing your car, your rucksacks/hand bags. 

Whats the difference between a regular 'air freshener' and Chapter Organics 'Atmosphere and Linen Mists?'

Have you ever noticed how plug in fragrance, car air fresheners or traditional sprays often smell overpowering and can cause you to get a headache? That's because typically they're full of synthetic fragrances and chemicals designed to provide a super strong scent.

Our Mists are natural, organic and full of plant based ingredients. They host so many benefits. An instant mood boost due to their aromatherapy properties. They're natural so safe to use around children and pets and super kind to your home. Their naturally anti bacterial and anti viral so they also work hard to purify and cleanse your space. You can read more about their ingredients on each product page. 

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