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The Benefits of using an Aroma Diffuser

Posted by Charlotte Nutland on
The Benefits of using an Aroma Diffuser

Introducing Aroma Diffusers

Create moments of calm, balance, focus or energy with the cool scented mist from Chapter Organic's Fern Aroma Diffuser and our purest essential oil blends.

We've taken time to carefully select our Fern Grey Glass Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser to ensure its both incredibly stylish but also effective. 



So, how do they work? 

Ultra sonic aroma Diffusers work by creating high frequency vibrations diffusing the water and oil together into tiny particles which are effectively diffused into your surrounding's.

Scent is the quickest and most effective way to enjoy essential oils and to reap the benefits.Our Fern Grey Ultrasonic Aroma Lamp (Steam Diffuser) has a beautiful dark grey glass cover with a delicate fern print on the outside.

Ensuring its beautiful 

We are aware many Diffusers on the market are made solely from plastic and do not fit into the aesthetic of your homes and work spaces. We wanted to source an Aroma Diffuser that has a glass exterior, that you can sit on your book shelf, have on your desk or on your bedside table and it would blend in perfectly to your aesthetic when not in use. 


Diffusing essential oils into your space helps you feel differently and transforms the vibe and mood of your home or work space.

Our Fern Aroma Diffuser can be used as a soft, ambient lamp on its own or by using cold water to finely mist your space with essential oils and cool water creating a beautifully scented space that transforms the mood and keeps the air humidified. This is particularly helpful as we head into the cooler months and we're inside more using central heating. Air can become dryer and when you're experiencing a cough or cold spaces that are well humidified really help to ease symptoms. You can even use your Aroma Diffuser without oils and just with water. 

Using Essential Oils within the Chapter Organics  Aroma Diffuser 

Ensure you only use pure essential oils within your aroma diffuser and not synthetic fragrance oils or mixed essential oils and fragrance oils. Only using pure aromatherapy oils such as Chapter Organics Pure Blends, these will provide you will the wellbeing moment you deserve. Our purest blends are made with 100% natural, therapeutic grade essential oils (made from plants) and have been designed for every version of you. Whether you need more energy, sleep, balance or focus. 

How does it work?

Simply add 6-8 drops of oils or 10 drops if you prefer a stronger scent to the water tank and replace cover. Follow instructions inside your box for details. Get in touch we'd love to help 

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