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Notes from the Studio | The Acway

Posted by Charlotte Nutland on
Notes from the Studio  | The Acway


Hello, we are theACway, great friends who reside in Parsons Green SW London. We both share a passion for living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We eat 80% plant based and like to create recipes that reflect this which you will see on our instagram and blog.

We have been working with many organic, sustainable and ethical brands to produce dishes with their products. We also love to eat out, try new restaurants and review them accordingly.

Plant based eating

Differs from vegan, veggie, paleo etc because we don’t eliminate meat or fish etc, instead we predominantly focus on dishes that are heavily loaded with anything grown from the ground. We believe in lifestyle changes rather than fad diets, and if we can implement more plants into our life and sustain this in the long run then we believe we are living a healthier and disease free life.

Many traditional dishes can be made with small substitutions to incorporate more plant based eating. For example; A simple bolognese for lunch we would make it using red lentils instead of mince. Once you start you’ll be surprised how little you crave meat.

Have we always been plant based?

The short answer is No, we both were not plant based really until last year. Our diets always consisted of vegetables, fruits and fairly low carbs however we did eat quite a lot of meat and never really thought much of it. It is only in the last year during Covid when we looked more deeply into our diet and choices that we decided to make changes. Since implementing more plant based eating into our diets we have noticed several changes to how we feel; including feeling more energetic, experiencing less brain fog and reduced inflammation.

Meal we would make changes to, to be plant based

One meal to make a change to would be stir fry, we would suggest eliminating meat for sure and fish for this dish. So we have made the easiest and super tasty dish with tofu. Our tips for tofu is season, season, season and ensure its very crispy. Cut the tofu into small pieces cook in the over and then chuck into the pan. Then chuck in a pan with broccoli and soy sauce. Image attached.

Where to buy good quality fish and what to buy?

If we are still eating meat and fish we would always recommend the best quality you can find. We personally opt for organic, wild fish and organic chicken. Places to buy are your local fishmongers (we love supporting our local community in Fulham), whole foods fish counter.


Skincare is so important to us. Starting with feeding our skin from within; we are both obsessed with green juices, drinking at least 6-8 glasses of water a day and we also take 1000mg of Yourzooki collagen per day. We are huge fans of hydrating serums, SPF and chemical exfoliators. We all like to socialise and let our hair down at times so it is important to replenish and anti-oxidise. 

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