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Stories from our Community

Posted by Charlotte Nutland on
Stories from our Community

Self Care Stories, finding your Chapter. 

Customer Story - ''Lately I've been feeling overwhelmed''
''Like little tasks at work and home felt too much. I was running on empty because I've been working away alot and commuting really ruins my routine.
Ontop of that I'm feeling guilty about being away from the Kid's so overcompensating. I brought myself The Women's Balance as a reminder to myself to rest and recover and the 4 step kit has really made such a difference to my week. The suggested routine reminded me how to actually make wellbeing part of my day, rather than a separate entity. The Quiet Pure Blend helps me feel focused and concentrate and I've been taking more evening Baths and at the weekend to get some thinking time. Its perfect, I had to write to you to say so.'' 
Customer Story - ''Anxious Patch'' 
''Hello Chapter, I've been going through an anxious patch, they come and go but recently I've been unable to shake it off. I ordered myself 2 of your Rollerballs in The Self and The Peace as I love the idea of the 'on hand therapist.' They both smell incredible and I have The Self on my desk for when the anxiety rises and The Peace at home for the same reason. I really like the feeling that I have something that I can grab to help me calm down when I need it!'' 

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