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Our 5 Top Aromatherapy Picks to beat the heat this weekend

Posted by Charlotte Nutland on
Our 5 Top Aromatherapy Picks to beat the heat this weekend
Struggling to sleep at the moment? Tossing and turning? Hayfever getting you down? Struggling to get going on a morning? 
We get you! 
Here are our Top 5 beat the heat and feel calmer Aromatherapy picks. 
1. Cool off and feel calmer and less irritated (does the heat do that to you too?) with our The Remedy Atmosphere and Linen Mist. Packed full of cooling, calming essential oils including Peppermint and Eucalyptus. Mist liberally in your bedroom 15 minutes before sleep. 
2. Struggle to get going on a morning? Feeling abit groggy and sluggish?  We totally get it. Jump out of your shower feeling more energised, awake, inspired and super fresh with our The Tonic Hand and Body Cleanser. Our fav morning shower pick. It also gets rid of any pesky, morning, anxious thoughts (you know the ones?!) 
3. Create a soothing, calming and restful bedtime routine that will help shake off the day and encourage your mind to switch off and prepare for relaxation and dreamy weekends ahead. The Peace Natural Candle filled with Lavender, Patchouli, Bergamot and Rose Geranium essential oils guide your mind to peaceful places. Light your candle and watch the gentle flame flicker as you read your book (not scroll tik tok) ;-) 
4. Struggling with hayfever? Its really annoying isnt it. We suffer too. Pop a 6-8 drops off The Remedy Purest Essential Oil Blend into your Aroma Diffuser and allow the blend of Eucalyptus and Lavender to relieve you of your itchy allergy symptoms. Eucalyptus and Lavender can support inflammation and congestion. 
5. Enjoy the long, summer evenings outside with a cooling glass of mint and lime water and watch the birds roll across the sky. Capture the moment and feel grateful and content with the super holiday vibes The Tonic Candle. Blended with a very generous dose of happy and positive essential oils it helps you feel happy to be here and enjoying the moment. 
Have a lovely weekend. 
Charlotte x 

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