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Earth Day - Our Sustainability Commitments

Posted by Charlotte Nutland on
Earth Day - Our Sustainability Commitments

Hello, Charlotte here Founder of Chapter Organics.

Without doubt, the planet needs us to be kind and considerate in our approach to sustainability. From our early beginnings we've always aimed to tread as lightly as possible and create products and blends that compliment nature, our biggest inspiration.

Sustainability has been a quiet and yet consistent thread running through everything we do at Chapter Organics from new product launches to packaging, we carefully assess everything before launching.

Integrity is a value I hold in high regard.  I want to look back and know we always made the best ethical, conscious and honest choices. 

Of course, there's so much more to do. We're not perfect and I want to be transparent with you, our loyal and supportive community about what we're doing, have achieved and our plans for the future. 

This Earth Day we want to walk you through what we've achieved so far and our commitments for the rest of the year and beyond.


  • Our blends and products are 100% natural, organic where possible and brimming full of potent natural actives, botanicals and plant powered therapeutic oils 
  • Everything is made by hand using artisan methods at our Yorkshire manufacturing Studio by an incredible team 
  • 96% of our glass is made in the UK and glass is one of the most easily recycled and recyclable materials on earth 
  • We have reduced single use plastic in our products offering metal pump and aluminium cap alternatives where possible 
  • All our blends are vegan and cruelty free 
  • All our packaging is recyclable in house hold recycling**
  • All our shipping is carbon offset 
  • We donate £1 from every online order to The Marine Conservation Society to support clearer oceans 
  • Our supply chain is in constant review ensuring we source the finest and most sustainable essential oils and organic ingredients 
  • We have reduced unnecessary packing materials in our shipping boxes to reduce items needing to be recycled this year by over 30% 
  • We offer £1 for every returned glass bottle or jar*

This Year

  • Relaunch our Bathing Salt range in compostable packaging. We currently offer plastic pouches that we recycle through Terra Recycling as most plastic pouches on the market cannot be recycled in house hold recycling. This never sat right with us and we are currently in talks with a compostable supplier to move all our Bathing Salt collections over this year. 
  • Continue to assess our Refill options for our liquid range. A huge challenge for our small business has been treading the very delicate line of offering customers a beautiful, sensory experience with our blends and also being a sustainable brand. Most refill pouches are not recyclable in household recycling leaving the onus on the customer to journey to a recycling centre to recycle pouches or return to sender. This doesn't feel like an easy or indeed sustainable experience for us. We know refills are important from both a space, cost and user experience perspective so we are continually evaluating the pouch market to understand what options are available to us without generating yet more plastic. 
  • Support charities that work on environmental and mental health projects
  • Partner with local charities where we can see differences being made and hear the stories 

Future Years 

  • Reassess all our packaging and labelling 
  • Apply for BCORP status 


Please always get in touch with us if you have suggestions or ideas in how we can continue to improve. Your feedback always inspires us and helps us to do much better. Drop us an email 

Thankyou for being here with us and being part of our Story. 

Love, Charlotte, Gabs and Helen. 



*in our current collection and if glass is cleaned and in reusable condition **Plastic Pouches for Bath Salts need to be returned to be recycled



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