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The Old Solstice Purest Essential Oil Blend

Cinnamon, Orange, Nutmeg and Clove


Therapeutic, Purest Essential Oil Blend Seeking comfort, cosiness and nostalgia? The Old Solstice: Is the epitome of autumn and winter and the natural desire to seek comfort, cosines and warmth. Imagine crackling fires, hot chocolates, old books, good conversations. The comfiest sofas and the softest throws. The Old Solstice is inspired by tradition, its the natural scent of Christmas capturing heartfelt moments between loved ones. Blending Orange, Cinnamon, Clove and Nutmeg to help you feel calm, warm and comforted.


Moments for: Those in search of comfort, calm and warm moments. Perfect for spaces where you like to relax and unwind such as the living room and when entertaining. How to use: Add a few drops (6-8 drops or a maximum of 10 if you enjoy a stronger scent) to your Fern Aroma Diffuser to help provide moments of soothing peace. Your blend: 10ml. Your essential oil blend has been developed using the purest, therapeutic grade essential oils and nothing else. It is suitable for use in your favorite aroma diffuser or oil burner. Vegan friendly and we never test on animals. Safety: Do not ingest essential oils, avoid contact with eye area, keep out of the way of children.