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Wellbeing Gifting | Corporate Gifting

About Wellbeing Gifting:

We're supporting UK businesses to think differently when it comes to their usual approach to:

  • Corporate Gifting
  • Team thankyou's
  • Employee of the months
  • Staff Inductions
  • Corporate Christmas
  • Wellbeing Gifts 

Instead of purchasing pub/department store corporate gift vouchers. We’d like to work with Businesses to provide your team with a personalised Aromatherapy blend to support their current wellbeing needs.

At Chapter Organics we design Modern Aromatherapy Blends to support busy peoples moods and feelings. 

Imagine how incredible you'd feel......

If your employer took a moment to understand your wellbeing needs and provided you with an Aromatherapy gift understanding you. A candle to help provide focus and motivation, a Mist to help you feel calmer before a big, important Zoom Call. A Moisturiser to switch off and unwind with because you struggle to switch off from work? 

How would this work for your Business? 


We'd work with you to understand how you'd like to create a Wellbeing Gifting Strategy. It may be a small one off project or a larger campaign throughout the year. 

We can tailor each gift to your colleagues by sending out a short 5 question quiz to each colleague to understand their wellbeing needs. This helps us to determine which blend to send out, creating a highly personalised service unique to each team member and their current state of mind.  

Each colleague is sent a product for their desk space based on their responses with a card explaining about the blend and how it can support them. Needing more energy, motivational and inspiration? We can help! 

Ready to go Gifts 

If you're pushed for time, we get it, we can create some ready to go gifting options for you to quickly consider. From vouchers your colleagues can spend in our store, to gift sets for Christmas. 

I'm ready to have a chat about this.

Please get in touch with our friendly team, we'd be delighted to help. Please get in touch directly