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Spring. Has. Sprung.

Posted by Charlotte Nutland on
Spring. Has. Sprung.
It feels good doesn't it. Have you noticed a change in your mood or energy levels? A desire to spend more time outside and bring the outside inside with fresh blooms? 
As the seasons change its a perfect time to look at your routines to see if they're ready for a refresh. It's time to say hello to the sunshine and spend more time outside.  With the clocks changing on Sunday it’s the perfect time for us to reset our bodies for spring.
Here are a few things we're doing at the moment to help us embrace the longer days. 
1. Embrace contentment. Imagine feeling balanced, content and fulfilled. These are three guiding principles we strive for everyday at Chapter Organics.  Rather than aiming for happy which can often be short lived instead embrace what you have now and the journey you're on. A great Finnish saying is ''Onni ei tule etsien, vaan elaen'' which translates as ''Happiness is not found by searching, but by living.' Lets foster a feeling of contentment by enjoying what we have rather than chasing new things all the time. What are you grateful for this weekend? 
2. Spend more time outside. Can you walk to work, take the kids to school on bikes or on foot? Can you take walking meetings with ear phones rather than always been at your desk or encourage colleagues to take a wander instead of booking a meeting room. We all know the incredible benefits spending time outside has on our mental health. Bring fresh blooms into the office and the kitchen to brighten your day and we're loving diffusing The Self Purest Blend into our space. It really helps shift moods if you're feeling stuck and lacking in inspiration and confidence. 
3. Sleep! Try and stick to your usual sleep routine. Go to bed and wake up around the same time to regulate your body clock – you should aim to get between 7-9 hours sleep every night.

It’s really important to get your pre-sleep routine right to have the best chance at having quality sleep. Try having a warm bath before bed with our award winning Bathing Salts before bed. The healing and restorative salts packed full of minerals to help your body recover and replenish. 

Although it may be tempting to watch your favourite television show in bed, it is best to avoid electronics an hour before your bedtime. 

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