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Slow + Quiet Weekends - Your ideas

Posted by Charlotte Nutland on
Slow + Quiet Weekends - Your ideas

Quiet + Slow Festive weekends. Your ideas. 

At this time of year there is alot to be thankful for, but the pressure to be doing something every weekend and creating new traditions can start to feel overwhelming. We talked about this on Instagram and so many of you got in touch to say you'd started to feel pressure to be doing more.  Of course, when we all step back and ask ourselves do we actually need to be doing these things, do they bring us joy, contentment and fulfilment? We made discover that infact we need to start rethinking what our favourite type of festive weekends could look like.

We asked you to share your favourite slow and quiet festive weekend ideas.

Here are your brilliant shares........ 

''I've just baked gingerbread with my teenage son' 

'Starting a new TV series and inviting friends to come over once a week to watch it with cheese and nibbles' 

'Getting really hygge, lighting a candle, sharing bowls of snacks in the lounge and playing board games'

'Visting a sweet Chrsitmassy town like Richmond in North Yorkshire or Ilkley and browsing' 

'People watching at the coast with hot chocolates and i take a tupperware full of marshmallows

'A firepit in the garden with mulled cider' 

'I write to my friends at this time of the year, a postal letter with family photographs, there's more time on an evening to get cosy and check in with people' 

'Making Christmas Cakes and Christmas Pudding'

'Listening to Christmas music'

'Finding a new walk by a country pub' 

'Making a list of all the things i love about this time of year'

'Supporting local village markets' 


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