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3 good mood boosting products for a really great day

Posted by Charlotte Nutland on
3 good mood boosting products for a really great day

If you're loving this sunshine weather and wanting to carry the feel good, positive and joyful vibes into the week.

Look no further than our The Tonic Chapter Blend. A Candle to burn outside to enjoy the evenings, a Rollerball to bring on demand mood boosts to your mid afternoon energy slump and a shower cleanser to revive and invigorate even on grey mornings. 

The Tonic has been blended to lift the spirits, brighten the mood and help you regain your feel good mindset. Invigorating to the mind and encourages feelings of contentment and fortitude.  

Blended with escapism, inspiration, joy and energy at its heart. Its warming, citrus scent of Lemongrass, Lemon Verbena, Orange and Ginger is reminiscent of tropical beach vacations to Asia and Indonesia. An moment in a Spa, a tropical escape right from your living room. 

Our 3 energy boosting products for a great day here 

1. Morning Mood Shifts whilst in the Shower

Start your day well and short cut your mood to feel good with the uplifting and inspiring The Tonic Organic Body and Hand Cleanser. Upgrade and enhance your quick 5 minute shower with powerfully therapeutic aromatherapy oils expertly blended to create a tropical escape as you shower for your mood and mindset. 

2. Mind set boosts on the go, whenever and wherever 

Take a few deep breaths of our The Rollerball Pulse Point Oil Blend. Created to be an on demand theraptist whenever you experaince a slump in mood or energy. Rub lightly over pulse point and breath deeply and notice in a few moments how your mood lightens. Perfect for use on the go. 

3. Evenings made more beautiful 

Lighting a candle is a calming ritual that brings a warm glow and reviving scent to your space. Light on an evening whilst dining outside or try lighting this one in the mornings whilst making coffee to boost productivity and to set the tone for the day or whenever that afternoon slump hits. 

Shop our energy Blend here 

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