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9 Christmas Gift ideas

Posted by Charlotte Nutland on
9 Christmas Gift ideas

From little treats for under £35, to big Hampers full of your wellbeing wishes, monthly subscriptions to remind you to take it easy. We've got 9 ideas to make gifting totally effortless.  

1. For the burnt out - We all know those people that are so busy, frazzled and on edge. Gift them a routine to easily slot into their full on schedules to remind them to rest and recover The Self Care Chapter Collection

2. For the one that never puts themself first The one that's always thinking of everyone before themselves. Let them know they matter and need to start putting their wellness first too with Bath Time and Candle Duo 

3. For my wife/partner One of our Bestselling combinations for moments of complete relaxation and rest over the busy festive season Candle and Purest Blend Duo 

4. For your Mum Our gentle, organic plant based ingredients takes care and nourishes dry hands and skin and offers a moment of calm during the everyday act of hand washing Hand and Body Duo 

5. A little stocking filler For when you want to gift a little treat and moment of wellness for £22 our Rollerball Pulse Point Oils are the perfect pocket therapist. Roll onto pulse points and shoulders when the tension rises Rollerball Pulse Point Oil 

6. For the one that needs help with their sleep We all know the friend that struggles with their sleep. Lets give them the gift of a brilliant new routine with guide that makes them want to go to bed The Sleep Collection 

7. For works secret Santa Are you wanting to introduce a colleague to the benefits of Aromatherapy, guide them in with a Purest Blend. Our most versatile and smallest size product that they can use in multiple situations effortlessly to bring energy or calm for £24 Purest Blends 

8. For the guys We looked at our Bestselling Blends for our guy community and created a collection of Blends that we know you all love. Our Men's Balance Kit has been created with you and your needs in mind Mens Balance Chapter 

9. For the really hard to buy for one Treat your really hard to buy for friend or family member to one of our Monthly Subscription Clubs, we have 3 to choose from and just read the reviews for our Wellbeing Club we have so many amazing 5* Wellbeing Subscription Club 


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