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The Collection: The Remedy

£130.00 £160.00

Find your perfect balanced routine with The Remedy full Chapter range. A luxury aromatherapy candle, natural Room Diffuser, Pure Essential Oil Blend and Atmosphere and Linen Mist. 

The Remedy Entire Collection Contains

The Remedy is a verdant fusion of fine Peppermint, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus essential oils with base notes of calming Lavender. Expertly blended to refresh and cleanse, this infusion is beautifully scented to feel clean and bright. It has a medicinal and aromatic scent and is perfect for those who like a stronger scent or those looking for an alternative calming scent. Wonderful for balancing your mood. 

Box Contains

  • The Remedy Room Diffuser 100ml 
  • The Remedy Bathing Salts 250g 
  • The Remedy Luxury Aromatherapy Candle 300g (burn time 45-60 hours)
  • The Remedy Purest Essential Oil Blend 10ml 
  • The Remedy Aromatherapy Mist 100ml