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Anxiety Support Chapter

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Do you struggle to switch off after a busy day with work, life admin, children and responding to whatspp messages? Do you find your evenings are hectic and frazzled rather than calm and cosy? Creating a sense of evening is a self care practice that can change the view and feel of your entire week. To get home and light candles or diffuse a Purest Blend. To make dinner, listen to music or podcasts and create a sense of cosiness and togetherness. Working days, schools days, commuting etc can be stressful but evenings can be reclaimed. You can take these hours no matter how hard your day is and do something just for you.


The Remedy Aromatherapy Mist 100ml - Has everyone arrived home abit flustered and frantic? Create a sense of instant calm with a few spritz's of The Remedy Room Mist. Instantly changes the mood from hot and bothered to restored. Breathe deeply. Can also be used before bed to help decongest and support sleep. The Peace Candle 300g - Perfect for that moment when you get through the door and feel overwhelmed. This blend is particularly helpful at calming frazzled nerves and easing away anxiety. For that moment when you need a moment to bring you back to you. To feel calm, restored and connected. Light as you prepare dinner. The Peace Candle infused with Lavender, Rose Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli and Bergamot. Expertly blended to soothe the mind, ease stress and tension. Ideal for preparing your body for relaxation and sleep. The Quiet Purest Blend 10ml - Creates an environment of stillness and calm, even when life feels like its running away with you. Perfect to infuse whilst you're relaxing in the living room. This intriguing scent is a delicate infusion of Rose Geranium, Rosemary, Frankincense and Bergamot; woody, warming and resinous. Oils used for centuries to aid concentration. Blended to help you live in the present whilst you focus on a relaxing task such as reading, mediating, yoga or simply working. The Peace Bathing Salts 250g- Create a spa at home every evening. Because we should integrate wellbeing practices into our daily lives. Bathing with minerals and warm water has incredible effects on your wellbeing. Upgrade your bathing routine with our deeply mindful and nourishing 100% natural Bath Salts. Its really time to focus on you and restore your energy. You can rest now. Enriched with a natural and restoring blend of Epsom, Dead Sea and Himalayan Sea Salts. Each especially selected for their healing properties. Blended with our calming and deeply relaxing blend of Lavender, Rose Geranium, Bergamot and Patchouli pure essential oils.