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Rollerball Pulse Point Oil x 4 -10ml

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chapter organics

Enjoy all four of our Rollerball Pulse Point Oils in our Day-Night Mood Kit. Your ultimate on hand Chapter therapies for each moment of your day. For that moment when you need a moment to bring you back to you. To feel confident, calm, energised and focused. Kit includes; The Self, The Tonic, The Peace and The Quiet Rollerballs. Roll on to your pulse points and breathe in the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy oils.
Routine: Keep on you, slip your Roller ball Pulse Point Oil into your bag for that unexpected time when you need a moment of encouragement and confidence. Rub in 3 slow circular motions onto inner wrist and side of your neck and deeply inhale the aroma to restore your inner calm. Please note this is not a perfume so the fragrance does not last in the way you may expect from a perfume. A Rollerball Pulse Point oil is an on hand natural remedy to help you feel more balanced, connected and calm as and when you need it. Deeply breath in the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy as you apply the oils to achieve maximum benefits. Warning: Avoid contact with eyes. Avoid use in case of a known allergy to listed ingredients.