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Purest Blend and Pulse Point Duo

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Purest Blend and Pulse Point Rollerball Duo A selfcare and wellness powerhouse duo. Choose between The Peace, The Quiet, The Self and The Tonic combination. Use your Rollerball Pulse Point Oil on the go for when you need a moment of natural therapy to help alleviate stress, anxiety or provide a confidence boost or energy burst. Also doubles up as a massage stick to use across tense shoulders and lower back. Keep in your pocket or bag for those moments when you need it. 10ml. Roll liberally onto pulse points or shoulders/back. Breathe deeply.

Purest Essential Oil Blend, add a few drops to your Chi Aroma Diffuser or add a few drops to your your bag, coat, bedding, carpets, hoover, footwell of car* A blend of Purest Essential Oils designed to get to work immediately on regulating your emotional wellbeing. 10ml. *Always patch test and dont apply to skin or fabrics that come into contact with skin.