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Cleanse + Nourish

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Treat your hands, your body and your mind to a luxurious and replenishing hand cleansing and moisturising ritual. Our infusions are designed +blended to nourish your skin and provide a well-being moment for your mind. Close your eyes as you cleanse and moisturise and inhale the calming and restorative scents of pure essential oils and botanical. 

This beautiful combination of all natural coconut, olive and grapeseed oils nourish and protect your skin with antioxidants and vitamin e. Blended by hand and infused with lavender, ylang ylang and patchouli these oils calm, restore and relax you. 


1 The Peace Cleanser 250ml & 1 The Peace Moisturiser 250 ml each. 

1 Luxury Gift Box

1 Hand tied botanical Bouquet

1 Small Pot of Cleanser