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The Remedy 180ml Candle

Bare Bones Chocolate Dark

Ponderlily Journal 

Whilst you're spending alot of time at your desk or working from home, lets create a wellbeing sanctuary to help you through those long calls and spreadsheets. With the help from our uplifting, energising and mood balancing The Remedy Candle with the awakening properties of Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree and Lavender. 

Take notes in your beautiful new Ponderlily journal, designed and made in the UK or keep it to write down your thoughts and feelings after your long day. Journalling is a great destresser and helps us to work through and clear our minds whilst feeling gratitude for the happiness we experienced during the day. 

Take a break with and look out of the window and relax with this incredible Dark chocolate from Bare Bones. The chocolate is incredible and look at the packaging! 

The Edit is worth: £56.50 make it yours for £45.00 delivery charge included